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Megaman SupernovaIII Navi Edition RPG Mainsite

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July 18,2004
Hi guys, Sorry about the absence. I have been in New Orleans for the past week for a family reunion. So I will be in for everyone who wants to join. So please begin signing up.
July 10, 2004
Ok, I think the site and boards are ready for the public. There might be a few errors and I still have to explain style changes and soul unisons, but we have plenty of time seeing as how all you guys are new.
July 9, 2004
I am totally remaking the RPG. There is alot of work to be done on the Boards and the site. But the RPG is going to be a success if we get enough players. Expect a fun time from the new RPG. I will provide a link to the boards ounce it and this site is totally finished. Expect more news soon.

Heres the link to the boards.

To get put on the MVP members List create an original and intresting character History and if I like it it will be put there. You must have a picture of the Navi though.

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