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Megaman SupernovaIII Navi Edition RPG Mainsite

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  1. You must audition to be an original character and navi with a CD.(a fanfic mini story) Yes if you want to be an original character such as megaman or protoman, you must be lan or chaud depending on the Navis actual operator
  2. After your Navi and operator description has been accepted in the character description board then do not modify it at all. If you have been caught modifying your Navi without a mod doing it then you and your characters will be deleted swiftly.
  3. Your sig MUST have Navi and operator stats. No you are not allowed to have more than one navi.
  4. When you lose a netbattle you are not deleted, you log out. So if you are posting in a normal game area and post that u got deleted by viruses. Your operator is now without a Navi.
  5. Do not spam requests of chips etc., if you have enough zenny wait until a mod or admin is online. Or you could always e-mail me, Sonyi/ForteDS.
  6. You must post with your operator also, if you don’t post with your operator then your account will be terminated.
  7. Exp tables is as follows. Ver.2=50xp Ver.3=70xp Ver.4=100xp Ver.5=120xp Ver.6=150xp: You get 10xp from a battle NO MATTER WHAT from any net battle. You get 0xp if you fight a navi 2 or more versions lower than you. You can get 10xp from mods for threads they really enjoy participating or reading. After gaining a new Ver., exp goes back down to zero.
  8. Reading an e-mail on the e-mail board that is not to your navi or operator is a ban able offense.
  9. If you defeat Bass you can get a customized Navi style. (like ultimateZ/swordman custom style)
  10. If you defeat BassVer.2-6, super rare chip.
  11. If you defeat BassDS, You will get something very special. Play long and see.
  12. If you get a friend to join you get 500z.

Remeber, Your almighty Admins address.