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Megaman SupernovaIII Navi Edition RPG Mainsite

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Character Creation


Creating Your Character

Before making your character you should consider a few things first.





The Hist. Of operator

The origin of the navi



There are four types of Navi elements to choose from. Yes of course elements would get you a definite advantage over some Navis but others obviously get the advantage over you. Think long and hard about your Navi element.


Electric- advantage over=Aqua Weakness to=Wood/Electric chips get a +20 bonus

Aqua- advantage over=Fire Weakness to=Electric/Aqua chips get a +20 bonus

Fire- advantage over=Wood Weakness to=Aqua/Heat and Fire chips get a +20 bonus

Wood- advantage over=Electric Weakness to=Fire/Wood chips get a +20 bonus



Your Navi type will also greatly affect the way you will fight greatly. There are MANY different of types but these are the ones available to you being a starting character.


Normal-No special advantages except being able to choose an extra starting chip.

Ultimate ProgramX-You have the ultimate program that megaman posses to be able to                                      style change.

Ultimate ProgramS-You have the ultimate program that megaman posses to be able to                                      soul unite. (This system will be explained elsewhere)

Swordman-These navi specialize in sword attacks. Sword type chips do +10                            dmg. (protomans main type)

Heal-These navi were made with roll’s healing program. Receive 5hp every turn.                    (Amount of hp varies with navi version.)

Stealth-They get 100 more starting hp and specialize in defending against attacks.

Cannon-Cannon chips will get a +10 dmg bonus.


Navi Attack

Your Navi Attack should some way relate to your Navi Type. A cannon type should use a buster navi attack etc. The available navi attack types are,

Buster- does 5 dmg per shot. Normal mega buster in the game.

Sword- does 20 damage. You can have a range of three vertical. Or three horizontal.


Now you will not tell us about the attack type. You will name the attack and put how much damage it does and give it a custom name. There will be a demostration character descripton soon.



You will be able to pick 3 starting chips or 4 depending on your navi type.



Wide Sword

Mini Boomer

Recover 30

Heat Shot

Air Shot

Zap ring

Mini Wood Sword


If you do not know what the chips do refer to the chip guide.


The History of the operator tells the background of the operator and how he/she got their Navi. This can deeply affect the relationships your characters have with others. This cannot in anyway have anything to do with original characters.


The Origin of your Navi will tell how your Navi was created. This cannot in anyway have anything to do with original characters.


This is what your character creation should look like when you send it to me.


Operator: Sonyi

Navi: Sonyi.EXE-100<<(HP)

Navi Element: Normal

Navi Type: Swordman

Navi Attack: Sonyi Slash-20<<(damage)

Desc. Of Navi Attack: Forward 2 squares and slash.

Navi Chips: Sword

                    Wide Sword

                     Recover 30

History of Operator: Came from a wealthy family. Sonyi.EXE was made from the same Protocols of Bass but no one remembers who they hired to create the Navi except the creator.

Navi Origin: Unknown


Then you are done. The History of the operator should be much longer than that but this was just a demo. When you have all of this done send to my e-mail at and then create a thread for approval. Do not wait for approval to start playing. Just know some things about your character may need to be changed. Thank you for playing.

Thx to blademan for the custom sprite.

Remeber, Your almighty Admins address.