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Megaman SupernovaIII Navi Edition RPG Mainsite

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RPG Basics

New Members


To join the site, first read all the rules on these pages so that you will understand the way the group works. Then explore
the boards a bit and create a character who will be interesting to play. When you have developed a character description as explained below, go to the character creation page of the site to get more info.


The Character creation should look like this.

Operator: Sonyi

Navi: Sonyi.EXE-100<<(HP)

Navi Element: Normal

Navi Type: Swordman

Navi Attack: Sonyi Slash-20

Desc. Of Navi Attack: Forward 2 squares then 3 slash combo-20<<(dmg)

Navi Chips: Sword

                    Step Sword

History of Operator: ETC.ETC.

Navi Origin: Unknown


Your avatar must be similar or the same to the navi you have selected. And Yes an Avatar is required to play. Yes created characters are accepted.


Role-playing is the main purpose for this website. Role-playing is done mainly on the RPG Boards, but can also be done in RPG Chat. If your unsure what Role-playing is, here is a small example:

Protoman walked down the bright streets of net city looking for a chip shop for chaud when he saw megaman, but he did not stop to say hi.
Megaman: “Protoman, why do you have to be so cold?” asked megaman with a small taste of disgust in his voice.

Protoman: He just shrugged his solddires and continued on his normal rout. As he begun to disappear he says,”The net is a dangerous place, you cant trust everyone you know.”
It is easy to get a hang of.. It's just like writing a book, only multi-player. However.. as there ARE other players, you have to be considerate of them. You are not allowed to role-play any other character except your own. When role-playing on the forums, please make sure that you try your best, and put in correct grammar, be descriptive, and original.


Now when two players are fighting it is different. This system is for navi battles only not virus busting. Go to the Fighting page to learn this.


Events are board-wide plots. Notices are usually posted about it. Events can range from anything such as an usual Navi wandering around ACDC, to Wars between orginizations, to Battle tournaments.

Role-playing Tips

1. All rules apply to you.
2. Do not delete posts without a valid reason.
3. Once you get involved in a thread, make sure you reply to it.
4. Use proper grammar and punctuation.
5. Be descriptive, the thesaurus is your best friend.
6. Write as if you were writing a book.


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