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Megaman-R's Hideout
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Robot type:megaman

Weapons/powers:R-buster(standard buster that can be charged) can minipulate energy(like in dragon ball Z) and can copy other powers.

Bio:Long ago Dr.Light made a robot named R. Like MegamanX Megaman-R was to help out with fighting. They just recently discovered his capsule in one of Dr.Lights old bases. Like MegamanX (as he is refered to as X)Megaman-R is refered to as R.





Robot Type:Freeze Megaman

Weapons/Powers:Ice buster(X buster that freezes)Ice brick(an Ice brick that flies at an enemy)Ice spin(freezzes all enemyes for a limited time)

Bio:9 months after Dr. light created R He created Megaman-Extreme and MegadogX.He is the youngest robot so far.


Name:E. Tech

Hieght: 6'3


Robot Type:Dark Megaman

Weapons/powers: Double headed beam saber, hydrolic punch(Hydrolic's added to increase intensity), Omega 20( This device is not only the source of E. Tech powers it is also a weapon able to allow a 20 second back track through time, if used incorrectly it can demolish entire city's)

Bio: This abandond cyborg was Dr.Ligt's failed project. After realising the reason of his abandonment, He perfected his techinque and voue revenge. His soul filled with hatred, his brilliant mind bent on death he will stop at no end to destroy Dr.Ligt most loved creation, Megaman.

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