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Rules & Join

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Here you will find out how to join my rpg and the rules of it.

ok heres the rules.
This game isnt always played by fighting your comrades its about missions. Game masters work better with missions becuase they create the plot and what happens in the world they create for you to explore. they decide the events and things that happen. like for example. (GM: all you see is a room. Zero:ill go throgh. GM when you go throgh you see that the maverics are waiting for you. Proto: lets gettem zero.Zero:slashes GM: it hits but doesnt kill him. Proto:shoots. GM: it misses and the maveric counter attacks.) and this is mainly how the game is played. and sometimes there are rest missions where the character can interact instead of fight or produce love. if you have a freind who wants to join but all the original characters are taken somebody will have to have a child with another character for example Iris Zero.
E-mail me once again your character name and a picture.

Custom Characters are now open!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Please allow me time to submit your character before you tell a freind.